General Information
Shipped Users Deni/AB and Cc/CC.
Ship status bestiezz omg!11111!!!!!!!
Type of Ship Canon.
Start of Relationship How should I remember that sheet.

ABCC is the pairing between Deni (AB) and Cc (Cc). Clever name huh. Anyways, they're very good friends and love each other and chat and stuff. They always hang out... Yeah. Cc came up with this name because she's a genius.


  • Cc wished Deni a happy birthday and said she rocked.
  • Deni made a comeback saying that Cc popped, because Cc said "You Rock" and Deni said "You Pop" get it? No?
  • They shared a secret. ;)
  • They have tons of Twitter convos, well on Twitter.
  • When Cc came up with the name of this pairing Deni said "OMG YESS YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES ur a genius."
  • They usually like to type like trolls together. liek totezzzzz ;p
  • They always fight about Shenny vs. Shamy.


  • They have a lil secret.
  • They have something really big in common.
  • In fact, they have a lot in common.
  • Both watch TBBT.
  • But Cc ships Shamy and Deni ships Shenny.
  • This ship was going to be named Cceni but it sounded too much like Ccini.
  • Cc used to call Deni AB. Deni has always called Cc Cc. coughz boring much?