Anikki is the pairing of Ana and Nikki.

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Ana(left) and Nikki(right)

Shipped Users

MustachesAndLlamas and NikzLovesJarlos

Start Date of Ship

June 30th, 2012

Ship Type

Spicy Brown Mustards


  • When Ana and Nikki met, Nikki gave her a rusher test to see if she is a true rusher
  • Ana was lyke all nervous about the test but lyke she got it all right. woo hoo.
  • That day they talked for 10 hours and had bunch of surveys.
  • Nikki was Ana's first friend on the wikia and like yeah.
  • Ana told Nikki a dream she had which included Jarlos and chiz.
  • Ana made a Max gif for Nikki. It was her first gif.
  • Whenever there was a directioner in chat, both of them in pm would type "CODE RED".
  • Ana gave Nikki a Carlos butt gif and she went all crazy.
  • Nikki told Ana she has went to a BTR Concert. Ana went crazy over that.
  • Whenever Ana went to have lunch and came back to chat, Nikki said she eats like Carlos.
  • Ana takes that as a compliment.
  • One time Nikki said "charge" on chat and Ana randomly said "nerf gun".
  • Nikki made Ana a Beck gif for her.
  • She also made a picture of Victoria holding a sign that said "I love Avan."
  • Ana went all like asdfghjkl.
  • Ana bought Nikki a helmet because Ana destroyed her old one. this doesn't really make sense okay.


  • They are both rushers.
  • They both ship Jarlos and Kogan.
  • They ship Elatt and Rade.
  • They love Spicy and Beau. Anddddd Daniel anddd Max

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