Ant Gleek
Ant Gleek

Shipped Users

Ant 157349 and Gleek62442

Start Date of Ship

October 24, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Best Friends; One-way crush; Stalker and stalkee

Ant Gleek is the pairing between Ant 157349 and Gleek62442 (Ant/ 157349 and Gleek/62442). They are best friends.


  • Clifford described Ant to look like "Jennette McCurdy with a ketchup stain on her [top] lip."
  • Clifford asked Ant to be friends and she said yes.
  • Ant was freaked out when Clifford said that every user in the Glee Wiki has to be fucking the same.
  • Ant asked Clifford about a template thing, and he did not have any idea what she meant.
  • Ant was the 6th person to sign up to bring Clifford back.
  • Clifford taught Ant the Dumbledore/Gandalf emoticons indirectly. I mean who else uses it?!
  • Of either Random, Ant, or TheVictoriousAdvertiser, Clifford chose Ant to subscribe to the Victorious Advertiser, although TheVictoriousAdvertiser was asked first.
  • Clifford said hi to Ant in the Harry Potter Wiki.
  • Clifford also said hi to Ant in the A.N.T. Farm Wiki, which probably annoyed her so he's the PatromeLover202 to her Mrs.leohoward :P>.


  • They both like Harry Potter.
  • They both love Robbie.
  • They both like Tandre and Cabbie.
  • They both swear.
  • They both like A.N.T. Farm.
  • They both use the :)> emoticon - well sometimes :P>.
  • They both support gay rights -- I think xD>.
  • They are both in The Roar Family.
  • NOW Clifford knows Ant's number's by heart :D>.

Fan RepresentationEdit


Color:Black, because it's Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter's hair color, Matt Bennett's, and most of Harry Potter.



Thing: A wand, because it's Harry (and Hermione, and Ron, and Neville, and Luna, and Sirius, and Dumbledore, and Severus)'s weapon.