Grace with Avi

Shipped users:

Graceyn and Avianabat

Ship status:


Start date of friendship:

In 2011 (Yes, one year ago).

Type of ship:


AvianaGrace is the pairing of Avianabat and Graceyn. (Aviana/bat + Grace/yn). They are currently besties, they met on chat and instantly liked each other.


  • Grace nicknamed Avi "Nemo".
  • Avi thinks that Grace is Ariana Grande.
  • They both ship Bat.
  • Grace owns seventeen unicorns, and Avi is a unicorn, so Grace owns seventeen Avis.
  • They often chat on the Victorious Wikia Chat.
  • Both <3 Aviana.
  • They both speak Spanish.
  • Both are 9gaggers!
  • They both PM each other on chat.
  • They both love the colors purple and black.
  • Both are on TEAM BAT!
  • Let's cut to the chase, they both think Bat is perfect.
  • Both are neutral shippers.
  • They also both speak English.
  • They both correct grammar.


  • They had a chat discussing that Grace was Ariana Grande.
  • Avi told Grace (Ariana Grande), that why didn't she dated Avan Jogia.
  • Avi told Grace that she was rich.
  • Grace sent Avi a message saying that she wanted to talk to her.
  • Grace said that Nemo was the best.
  • Nemo said Grace was like the nicest person ever.
  • Grace corrected some content on the ForeverDeni page, and Nemo didn't get mad.
  • Nemo said Grace was the god of nicknames.
  • They had a discussion about how amazing Bat is.
  • Grace said that the userbox for this pairing is one of her favorite userboxes of all time.
  • Grace told Nemo her real name, but Nemo said that she's obviously Ariana Grande.
  • They both agreed that a certain user ruined everything- but they said it as a joke.
  • Both had a discussion about how much they wanted this pairing.
  • Nemo says that she likes her nickname.
  • Even that they had only known each other for thirty minutes, Nemo added Grace to her friends list.
  • They PMed on chat about personal things.
  • After only knowing each other for an hour, they became cyber sisters :)
  • Nemo always knows Grace is lying when she says she's not Ariana Grande.
  • They had a chat together about Aviana. <3
  • Both agree Aviana is *cough*TRUELOVE*cough*. but Grace likes Arieon more than Aviana.

Official StuffEdit

  • Official Animal: Nemo.
  • Official Song: Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande. Because they both love that song It's kinda dumb that Grace loves her own song.
  • Official Color: Purple, since both of them <3 that color.

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