My James and My Logan!!
James and Logan!! <3

Shipped Users

NinjaCatLuvsBTR and Azulatatis

Start Date of Ship

June 14, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


AzulaLuvsBTR is the frienship between NinjaCatLuvsBTR and Azulatatis, they are really good friends and always have a great time chatting, both love Big Time Rush and think its the best band in the world. Both have a big Crush on them and wants to be furure Mrs. Mitchell (BTR) and Mrs. Diamond (Az), also they can talk about anything and spending a really good time.

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • They both LOVES Big Time Rush
  • They have new nicknames for the other
  • Both likes every song by BTR
  • They have both CD's BTR & Elevate
  • They can talk about anything
  • They fastly became friends
  • Both feel confortable around eachothe
  • Both have a Big Time Rush member as Celebrity Crush