Rock me
"Rock Me" is our song ♥

Shipped Users

Cabbiefan101 and SageTheLightsaber

Start Date of Ship

November 2012

Ship Status


Cage is the pairing of SageTheLightsaber (Sage) and Cabbiefan101 (Cara)(Cara/Sage)


  • Cara started out calling Sage "Sagey" but then Sage started calling Cara "Carabelle", so their nicknames for each other ended up as "Sageybelle" and "Carabelle".
  • They always PM each other in chat and give each other roses.
  • Their wedding will be in July 2013. Cara made sure Sage let Z be the D.J.
  • They always say they love each other in chat.
  • They're both obsessed with 1Direction.
  • They ship different things in 1D (Sage ships Nouis, Cara ships Larry) but they put that aside because they're so amazing
  • Sage and Cara started liking each other around the same time.
  • Without even telling her, Cara guessed what Sage looked like and got it right.
  • Sage always calls Cara "cute" or "adorable" whenever they Tinychat.
  • They can relate.
  • They have heart-to-heart talks at least twice a month.