Catoria is the pairing of Michelle (Ca/txcrazy) and Vic/toria (Graceyn). They are currently the best of friends.

Vic (left) and CxC (right)

Victoria has stated that Michelle is the cheese to her stick. This is a friendship pairing. This is currently canon.


  • When they first met, Victoria greeted Michelle very highly. Michelle did the same.
  • Victoria included Michelle on her friends list. Michelle did the same.
  • Victoria and Michelle PM on chat frequently.
  • Victoria said on her profile that Michelle is the cheese to the stick.
  • Michelle said that she loved Victoria more than anyone on the chat.
  • Michelle said that she loves Victoria very much.
  • Victoria called Michelle one of her very best friends.
  • Victoria cried after Michelle said she might leave the wiki. Literally.
  • They always have so much fun together.
  • Victoria gave Michelle the nickname Thumper, and Michelle's avatar is a picture of Thumper from the Disney movie Bambi.
  • They both listed each other on their friends list.
  • Michelle has a userbox on her page saying "this user loves Graceyn!"
  • Victoria will always stand up for Michelle.
  • Victoria defended Michelle after someone said something rude about her.
  • Michelle really wanted Victoria in the Cheese Family.
  • Victoria agreed about being in the Cheese Family.
  • Both really wanted to have this pairing.
  • Victoria thinks Michelle is fun, sweet, peppy, and brilliantly hilarious.
  • Michelle agreed when Victoria said Swiss cheese is awesome.


  • Michelle and Victoria are sisters in The Roar Family.
  • They both love (and have) horses.
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    Vic (left) and CxC (right)

  • They are both on each other's friends list.
  • They both love Katy Perry's The One That Got Away.
  • Both love cheese. but Victoria doesn't like the food cheese
  • Both are very random and silly.
  • Victoria knows Michelle's age.
  • Victoria considers Michelle as one of her oldest and greatest friends.
  • Victoria said she will never get tired of Michelle's hilarious actions.
  • Victoria respects Michelle's love for cheese and Ashton Kutcher.
  • Victoria saw that this page was very empty, so she added on more moments and trivia.
  • Both love this pairing very much.

Official FoodEdit

  • Cheese, because they both love randomly obsessing over cheese.

Pairings Similar to ThisEdit

  • The pairing of Ariana Grande and Daniella Monet, except a lot closer.
    Ariana Grande Daniella Monet Gorgeous in New Twitpic 001

Official AnimalEdit

  • Bunnies, since the nickname Victoria gave Michelle is Thumper and Thumper is a bunny.

    Bambi and Thumper's friendship is just like Catoria's<3

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