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Shipped Users:

CuteCat'sBack and IVilo



Type of Ship:


Start Date of Ship:

February 4, 2012

CcbVilo is the romantic pairing of CuteCat'sBack and Vilo. Yes, it's romantic, but it's also true love.


  • When there was one about "The next person shall marry Vilo." CCB was like, "I shall!"
  • Vilo told Ciria he OMG!Loves this pairing, because he thinks CCB sounds pretty.
  • When someone said "next person loves CCBvilo" and CCB was the next person to reply.
  • Vilo thinks that this pairing is amazing and expresses it many times.
  • CCB also loves this pairing and shows her affection towards it.
  • They are similar to Aviana and Vilo agreed.
  • When people kept saying "next person marries Vilo" or "next person will kiss Vilo", CCB got it every time.
  • This was CCB's first pairing and she just loves it!
  • People kept saying on chat that they were destined. CCB REPEATEDLY said they weren't.
  • They were voted Prome King and Queen. Actually, no they weren't.


  • The people of the Victorious Wiki Chat were playing Next Person and CCB continuously got the ones about marrying Vilo. This is obviously destined.
  • They both ship Cabbie I think
  • This is a romantic pairing.

Official CrapEdit

Official Place: The Victorious Wiki Chat because this is where everyone began to ship them.