General Information
Shipped Users Cc, Denise and Vilo.
Ship status CANON.
Type of Ship best gurlfriends!!!1111!
Start of Relationship Idk. How do you expect me to know that sheet.

Ccenilo is the awesome pairing between Cc, Denise and Vilo. It's awzum. He derp. They always hang out in a place.


  • They chatted together several times, alone, yeah.
  • On a chat, they discussed Shenny vs. Shamy, obviously Shenny is better. NO. Obviously Shamy is better. Cuz 2 of us think Shamy is better, therefore we win.


  • They have a hangout place.
  • They like each other, like as in, friendship.
  • They are friends.
  • They're all wiki oldies.
  • They all like TBBT.
  • And Friends. (I think lol).
  • They're all Victorious neutral shippers, but they hate the same pairings.
  • They're all girls. Truchiz.
  • They're like a stair of ages. Get me? No? Okay. :( I GETCHAA!