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Shipped Users

Nikz & Cc71

Type of Ship

Friendship, Bathroom items,Wifeys,Bro's

Start Date

January 2012....

Ccikz is the pairing of Nikz and Cc71 (Cc/71 and N/ikz).


  • Cc was reallllly sad to hear that Nikz was leaving the wiki.
  • They sorta made The Bathroom Gang together....even though it was Nikz's idea. Well, technically Cc fed her the idea, but Cc did not create the idea in any way. Pfft.YES YOU DID!!!
  • Ummm ....IDK
  • Nikz always spams Cc's name on chat.
  • They consider each other awesomesauce friends :D
  • They joke about stuff PM..
  • CC was glad to hear that Nikki was happy when BTR came back.
  • CC Knows how much Nikki LOVES Jarlos.
  • Nikki created CCLOL for CC and her favorite word
  • CC created Nikzdots... for Nikki and her dots!!
  • Uhh both have a WEIRD...PM conversation in which they called eachother Bro
  • Uhh they are wifeys...yet...they are Bro's...yeah IDK how this happened..Bro
    • So creepy eh? Ya, don't think about it too much :P
  • CC knows how much Nikki is obsessed with Antonio Pena. FOSHO.
  • CC made Nikki's signature
  • Nikki edited Cc's profile saying "NIKKI WAS HERE BRO" and "HEYY BROO WAZZAA COME AT ME BROO-SIncerly your wifey Nikkehh"
  • CC edited Nikki's profile saying....Hey bro-your wifey and Hey wifey -your bro
    • Cc was the first of a bunch of people to edit Nikki's profile.
  • Nikki knows CC's name. <---This is a lie. She doesn't.
  • Nikki told Kelsss her wife was better than hers
  • Cc offered to add Nikki to The Sisterhood, but Nikki refused </3
  • Both had a weird conversation on how to pronunce this ship name.
  • Cc was the first to post on Nikki's message wall x]
  • Nikz retweeted Cc's post saying she'd give 5 meaningful words. Cc did and explained all 5 words. See the photo in the gallery.
  • Nikz made Cc an extra special bday gift. She made gifs for her. Cc loved it a LOT and will add pics here in the gallery when she gets on a computer.




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