Cciria is the pairing of Cc71 and Ciria (Cc/71 and C/iria).


  • Before Cc got to know Ciria, she thought Ciria was much older than she actually is because she seemed really mature and good at web codes.
  • Cc congratulated Ciria on being featured user.
  • Cc congratulated Ciria for being promoted to bureaucrat.
  • Cc once wrote Ciria in her history notes instead of Syria because she was half asleep. Yeah, that's creepy I know...
  • Cc helped Ciria update the Victorious Wiki featured articles one month.
  • Cc tried many times to revive Ciria, but failed miserably. Obviously. -_-
  • Cc realized while typing these moments that they all start with Cc and felt embarrassed so she decided to stop typing moments for now and wait for Ciria to get on this page. She then realizes that won't happen anytime soon, so is now feeling heartbroken.
  • Cc violated her own promise to stop typing moments and continued typing moments because she loves Ciria so much.
  • Cc made Ciria a happy birthday gift.
  • Cc said something and then Ciria said "LOL ikr that's what i was about to say xD great minds think alike"


  • They are both master procrastinators.
  • They message each other's talk pages alot.
  • They're both in The Sisterhood.
  • They both like Candre to an extent.
  • Ciria and Cc are both Victorious admins now and check with each other about stuffs.
  • This page sucks.
  • I miss Ciria too much, but she sucks so badly.
  • Writing in first person is totally proper on a wikia page.
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