General Information
Shipped Users Cc71 and Gleek62442
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship Bestiful Plentiful
Start of Relationship December 29, 1925

Ccliff is the pairing of Cc71 (Cc/71) and Gleek62442 (C/liff/ord). It can also be known as CcGleek.


  • Cc told Cliff his profile was awesome a longgggggg longggggg time ago. Almost bach when mah grandpappeh went out on the ol' fields. *spits*
  • Cc felt bad when she saw her name on a message Cliff wrote regarding why he left the Victorious wiki, so she apologized.
  • Cc thinks Cliff is a hardcore and awesomesauce editor.
  • Cc was the first to write on Cliff's message wall.
  • Cliff gave Cc the nickname Rocky.
  • Cc found the witty quote that Cliff used for his Victorious Wiki sig. Bahaha.
  • Cc asked Cliff how her editing was. Cliff said "Awe-tious." Lord knows what that means.
  • Cc often aushks Cliff to do admin-y thtuffffff.
    • Cuz he's a /coughz/ awetious editor.
  • Cc is wondering why Cliff never shows up anymore D:


  • They are both gnawetious editors on Victorious Wiki.
  • They both procrastinate a lot and stay up late.
  • They're both in The Cheese Family.
  • They're both cheesyyyyyy.
  • They are both not chairs.
  • Sandy put her nut coffee on the table but when the camera switches to Spongebob and back, the coffee is gone! Spooky!
  • There is no rotation effect on The All-Time Sky Chat.
  • The