Cizyn is the tri-pairing of Ciria, Liz, and Graceyn. They are all part of the TVF Gang and are equally weird and strange.


  • They always are on the forum.
  • They all PMed each other and forwarded back and forth just to talk to each other.
  • They agreed "certain things" are annoying and disgusting.
  • They all agreed CAPS LOCK IS OH SO AMAZING
  • There are millions of other moments but we`re too lazy to add, live with it.
  • When Ciria lost her IV, Liz and Gracey comforted her because it was stolen and not given.
  • When Liz's IV was stolen, Ciria and Gracey comforted her too.


  • They are all good people because they still have their IVs. Well, they used to be till Liz and Ciria had theirs stolen from them when they didn't want it. :(
  • IV is an inside joke that only they know about.
  • They all agree that MLH and Vilo don't have their IVs anymore.
  • They are weird.
  • They all believe that Vat is the best ship in the world because Vilo and his Cat are completely in love with each other even though Vilo is continously denying it because he doesn't want people to know that he loves his cat! Haha.