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Shipped Users

Redarjun, Gerukatze

Start Date of Ship

28th of December, 2012 (Marriage Date)

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Clarjun is the marriage pairing of Clary and Arjun (Cla/ry and A/rjun). They got together when Arjun rejected being married to a table. They both love watching Victorious and iCarly. They were very good friends before the marriage and they find each other nice and stuff.

Colour - Purple (Since Clary likes blue and Arjun likes red, and mixed together, they make purple)

Clarjun Trivia/Facts:Edit

  • They both love pizza.
  • Their favorite animals are cats and dogs.
  • They got married on the 28th of December 2012 on the Frarjun Wiki.
  • Their time zones are only different by one hour. (Both are from Europe.)
  • Arjun and Clary both ship Cabbie.