Shipped Users:

Seattle635 and Catxcrazy



Type of Ship:


Start Date of Ship:

December 2011

CrazyKitKat is the awesomesauce romantic friendship pairing of KitKat and Catxcrazy.' I'm too lazy to edit the rest, so Cait better do it for me.


  • Caitlin loves Mutchele very much.
  • Mutchele loves Caitlin very much.
  • Caitlin cheered Catxcrazy when she was sad.
  • Caitlin was happy when Cxc decided not to leave forever.
  • Caitlin begged for several minutes for Cxc to go on webcam.
  • Cxc and Caitlin love it when each other are on chat.
  • Caitlin loves Cxc's youtube videos.
  • They love PMing each other.
  • They love pugs xD
  • Mutchele helped Cait with her OC.
  • They both cheer each other up when one of them is sad.
  • Cait made a gif of Mutchele, and Mutchele loved it xD
  • When Cait GTGs in chat, she says she loves Mutchele and a big heart :)
  • Michelle wanted to be Cait's friend on FB. Then Mutchele gave her the link to her FB and now they're BFFLs on FB. :P
  • Muchele forced asked Cait to make an OC on the RP wiki.
  • Cait and Mutchele never fight
  • Even if they fight, they secrely sister love each other
  • They are the bestest of friends
  • They always agree on each other
  • They both love Mayo which is impossible since everyone hates mayo
  • They both know each other's passwords.
  • They hacked each other, and fooled people on wiki chaut.


  • They both love cheese too much
  • They are obsessed with TinyChat.
  • Caitlin calls CxC, Beerbottle.
  • CxC calls Caitlin, Joystick (don't ask why xD).
  • They go on chat too much.
  • They tell each other personal stuff *wink* *wink*
  • They're friends on FB.
  • They love cheese.
  • Theyre gonna be BFFs until theyre old =D And they will be the same age when theyre old so thats really epic xD