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Best friends, sisters!!

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CuteNikzLove'sBack is the friendship pairing of NikzLovesJarlos and CuteCat'sBack. They have been friends ever since CuteCat'sBack talked to Nikz in late November/December 2011.


  • Nikki first left a message on CCB's talk page, asking if she liked Naruto. CCB said yes, and also likes Sasusaku.
  • They talk to each other frequently on the Victorious Wiki.
  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • When Nikki was in hospital, CCB wrote an entire support blog in order to make her feel better.
  • CCB cares for Nikki alot... like ALOT.
  • Nikki and CCB are Wiki Sisters :D
  • CCB has come to like Yuma the Pig...'cause Nikki lovesss Yuma :3
  • Both are around the same age (one year difference).
  • CCB now likes BTR because of Nikki.
  • Even though Nikki had some problems, CCB was there for her <3
  • Nikz knows who CCB likes... LIIESSSS U dont!
  • Nikz calls CCB Shanie.
  • CCB and Nikki both enjoy wiki food. /go cookies and pie! <333/
  • Nikki likes to express herself using dots. So CCB does a partner thing with colons. :D
  • CCB gave Nikki a shout out. CLICK!
  • Shanie sang Music Sounds Better With You and Boyfriend on TC for Nikki!!!
  • Nikki says Shanie's laugh is adorable!!
  • Shanie said YUMMMAA!! On mic...!!
  • Nikki said Shanie sounds like Emma Watson.
  • Both agree that Shanie's avatar is creepy.
  • They don't like when someone else calls CCB "SHANIE"; both agree it's a sister thing.
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