Shipped Users

Dancing and Sunny

Start of Relationship

May 2012

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Best friends, besties , meh

DancingSmile is the pairing of DancingIdiot and Sunnysmile16 {Dancing/Idiot , Sunny/smile/16}


  • Sunny was the first one to message Dancing.
  • When Sunny said on chat that she was the boringest person ever, Dancing replied 'Nah my mom is!!!'
  • When their charries turned on them Yesh it happened They sorta defended each other.


  • They've known each other for almost 3 or 2 months now
  • Both of them have Youtube Accounts.
  • They like using 'XD' a lot.
  • They like using emoticons.
  • They use 'lol' a lot.
  • They love Megan and Liz.
  • They both message each other alot.
  • Both of them are in Victorious Roleplaying Wiki.