Denikkaay is the pairing of Deni, Nikki and Carlaay


Shipped Users:

Carlaay, Deni and Nikki



Type of Ship:


Start Date of Ship:



  • Deni and Carlaay left Nikki to do the page while they were currently doing other 'activities'. WHAT ;)
  • They just talk a lot.. 
  • Each of them is a cute baby animal. First, Nikki called Carlaay a duckling, for some reason; then, Carlaay was all "omg Nikki I need a cute baby animal for you too.. what about a.. a HEDGEHOG." Sometime earlier, Carlaay called Deni a bunny, cuz it somehow fit to her name idk.
  • They all like music a lot.:D
  • Deni and Nikki speak Spanish, and Carlaay learns it in school, so they're abel magwitch to help her, Carlaay has great expectations for them.
  • Nikki and Carlaay are worried about Deni's drinking problem.
  • They like to wonder what the others are wearing, or if they're even wearing anything at all.;)
  • They live on the same continent!
  • They're all just a tad bit too interested when either of them showers.
  • Winking is their thing.
  • They're cooler than you. Juuust kidding. B)
  • Their song is 3, by Britney Spears.
  • Deni & Nikki will add more things later kaythanxbye
  • They are the 'Unholy Trinity',which is the ship name of Quinn,Santana and Brittany from Glee.
  • The Unholy Trinity describes their relationship with each other perfectly.

Yes we are aware that Brittany and Santana dated and that Quinn and Santana hooked up