Denyan Shippers
Ryan Denise
Denyan <3

Shipped Users

Ant 157349

Start Date of Ship

The 20th of February, I guess.

Type of Ship

Fandom (Real people with no lives shipping fake people with lives in a fandom created by real people with no lives)

Ship Status

Well Denyan is in denyal. I know that's not how you spell denial.

Denyan Shippers is the group pairing of people who ship Denyan (Den/ise+Ryan) aka the coolest ship on The Victorious Roleplaying Wiki. So far its shippers are MLH, Mini, Cc, Sonny, Ant, & Jaylo.


  • MLH and Mini spammed their pairing page with Denyan moments.
  • MLH, Mini and Cc were talking about Denyan on MLH's Randomity Blog and how awesome it was.
  • Grace left a comment on Ryan's page saying that Denise and Ryan were in love.
  • Cc asked Ryan why he broke up with his girlfriend and asked if it was because of Denise.
  • Mini and MLH made Ryan and Denise admit their love for one another, although we're pretty sure it was just platonic love they were confessing to, but Mini's other OC picked it up.
  • Mini changed Ryan's main pic to one of him and Denise.
  • MLH and Mini were discussing the Denyan date.
  • Cc pointed out that most of Denise's updates were about Ryan and that Ryan was the only one replying.
  • Grace, Mini and Cc were discussing Denyan, and then Cc and Mini started talking about something else and then MLH came along and was like DENYAN WOOHOO!
  • Mini and Grace are currently working on Denyan fanfics, which Cc said she was looking forward to.
  • MLH has admitted to dreaming about Denyan. Mini might have too but she never remembers her dreams unless they're horrible.
  • Cxc's OC interrupted one of Denise and Ryan's conversations and said they were so in love and that they were cute.
  • Sonny's RP and OC both think that Denise and Ryan are in love.
  • They all died of fangirling when Ryan asked Denise out. Highlight to reveal spoilers.
  • Ant said through her RP that she knew that Denise and Ryan were gonna date.
  • Mini said she loved Denyan on the What I Love blog, and Ilyjayden(Jaylo) said she didn't know who it was. Mini told her what it was and she said she loved Denyan too.
    • Also, MLH and Cc both had little spazzes about it in the replies.
  • Cc, Usagi, & Mini each made a Denyan userbox.