Carly with a fork you get it? No? Good.

Shipped Users:

ForeverObssesed and StraightACarlaay

Start Date Of Ship:

Since Carlaay was a wittle baby

Ship Status:

Ask Carlaay

Type Of Ship:

Ask Carlaay

ForeverCarlaay is the friendship pairing of ForeverObssesed and StraightACarlaay. They've known each other for a while (a long, long time) and are the best of friends.


✰ Carlaaay forced FO to make this page; that's right, people, she isn't as nice as she seems!

✰ FO was one of Carlaay's first two friends on the Victorious wiki.

✰ When Carlaay asked to make this page, FO said, "Carlaaay!?! Is that even a question? O.O"

✰ FO is secretly stalking Carlaay right now. Carlaay, too, stalks FO on Mars with her telescope. True story.

✰ Carlaay keeps on reading FO's profile, which is creepy, but shows she cares... about her profile.

✰ Carlaay loves FO. FO loves Carlaay.

✰ The both watch iCarly.

✰ They both adore apples.

✰ They both like fruits... for example kiwis. (Which, though, are in their own category. Both agree on this.)

✰ They started talking when chat wasn't working for both of them late summer 2011 and FO wondered what happened.

✰ Over that, they formed their awesome friendship and started to talk - about driftwood, Sinjin, Victorious episodes, iCarly, horseback riding, and a lot of other things. (FO asked Carlaay tons of questions.)

✰ At one point, Forever's nickname for Carlaay was StraightAListic. There has also been Kwurly.

✰ They have an inside joke about the letters PH.

✰ Both users (kinda) play piano. (Well, FO only knows 3 songs.)

✰ FO thought Carlaay was turning 15 or 16 when she was turning 14 because she found her mature.

✰ Once Carlaay wasn't on chat for two days, and FO said she missed her, and gave her a hug.

✰ Carlaay gave FO a Christmas present.

✰ FO had a vision about Carlaay being in a concert and herself bragging and shouting *I KNOW THAT GIRL!*. And everyone would tell her to shut up. Carlaay better not forget to mention her because she's just so awesome. Or was she joking?

✰ They're both addicted to their computers.

✰ They agree on a lot of things..

✰ FO has told Carlaay she trusts her. I did? O_O Wow I say a lot of things. Was long ago. x]

✰ They both speak French... Carlaay knows way more though!

✰ They always have a blast chatting on chat. They chat [nearly] every day.

✰ When Carlaay won Mini's Victorious Wiki Survivor game, Forever's first reaction was, "EWWWWWWWW! Why Carlaay?"

✰ FO once told Carlaay that she ♥s her signature and needed that awesomesauce on her talk page. FO must have been mental that day

✰ They both like the shop Forever21 and stud earrings.

✰ Pho and Carlaay made a bet with each other - who would use an emoticon first would lose. Pho lost... and had to change avatar for three days, to an I ♡ Justin Bieber picture.

✰ They made that bet again, and this time, Carlaay lost. She had to do something similar; change her avatar to Justin Bieber's abs for a few days, and also bieber-ize her Twitter.

✰ Carlaay brings FO food.


  • They are both girfs.
  • They both don't believe in Santa, sad we know.
  • They both watch Glee sometimes.
  • Both users love dolphins.
  • They're both chat moderators on the Victorious wiki.
  • Both of them joined the Victorious wiki May 2011.
  • They follow each other on Twittaaa.
  • FO thinks Pharl is a nerd, but is she really?
  • They call each other Pharl and Pho.
  • They also call each other Sashie-Boo and Georgia-Kins.
  • Pharl hates the name Sashie or whatever, isn't that wonderful?
  • The above point☝is no longer true.
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