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ForeverObssesed and Cc71

Start Date Of Ship

November 2011? Who remembers? who cares? Cuz we're epic.

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ForeverCc is the pairing of ForeverObssesed and Cc71 (Forever/Obssesed and Cc/71). They are awesome-sauce friends.


  • Cc asked FO if she wanted to make this page, and she said yes.
  • Cc asked FO what to name their page, and FO chose this. Cc happily made this.
  • They have been having strike wars over topics such as: headings for talk page messages, innuendos in what they say, each other's intelligence and weirdness, etc
  • They often talk on the Victorious chat, when Cc comes on -___-
  • Cc wanted to hear FO's voice, that's not a moment, but whatever!
  • Cc will NEVEEER hear FO's voice that wasn't a moment either....
  • They both consider each other as friends unless Cc thinks otherwise.
  • They both ship Seddie on the show iCarly.
  • Cc thinks FO is silly. <----FO wrote that and it's a lie. Cc thinks FO is lame epic.
  • When Cc went on chat after being on vacation for a while, FO was super excited.
  • FO and Cc cleaned up a bunch of lame categories on Victorious wiki.
  • FO says EWWWWWWWWWWWW to Cc a lot.
  • FO voted for Cc's character for Cxc's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory blog, thinking the name was cool. Then she found out it was Cc's character and said EWWWWWWWWW.
  • FO and Cc greet each other on chat. Psh, that's a moment.


  • FO and Cc met on Victorious Wiki chat.
  • They hold a steady conversation on each other's talk pages on Victorious Wiki.
  • They both watch Victorious, like you didn't know that.
  • They both speak Sarcasm and understand it quite well.
  • They both watch iCarly duuuh.
  • They both ship Seddie. at one point.
  • They're both in The Sisterhood.
  • They're both in The Bathroom Gang.