They sold their souls to this site: 9gag

Shipped users:

Denise and ForeverObssesed

Type Of Ship:


Ship Status:

Besties! Unless you think otherwise O.o

ForeverDeni is the pairing of Denise and ForeverObssesed (Forever/Obssesed + Deni/se). They met on chat and now they're best buds! That's right people, that's right.


  • They both try to comment on the Bat page each day, it's their thing.
  • They had a whole converstion on the Bat page about bread, don't ask, but you know you want to.
  • They could have a whole convo about 9gag.
  • They've both sold their souls!
  • Deni showed a picture on chat of what she looks like and obviously FO was there.
  • They have the same favorite number (7), which is awkward, because there is over 1000000 numbers in the world and yeah this stays in moments.
  • Deni told FO to go the white board chat fast.
  • Deni asked FO if she wanted to be the co-owner of a Twitter account Deni made, and FO said yes.
  • They exchanged passwords.


  • They both ship Bat
  • They're both girls, duuuh.
  • They both watch Victorious, duuuuh!
  • They both don't have numbers in their names.
  • FO knows Deni's real name.
  • They both watch Kids React.
  • They both like to speak Spanish.
  • They're both 9gaggers!
  • They chose HP over Twilight anyday when asked on chat so shut up Grace.
  • One of their favorite colors are purple, purple is awesome so Y U NO like purple?
  • They both have got 9gag somewhere on their profile.
  • Avi's fav word is PTM, God knows what it means!
  • They share a Twitter account all about Bat/Aviana.
  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • They often have chats on Twitter and spam other people's TL.