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ForeverObssesed and Gleek62442

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Acquaintances; One-way crush

ForeverGleek is the pairing between ForeverObssesed and Gleek62442. (Forever/Obssesed and Gleek/62442). They don't know who the hell each other is. Lol, we only know each other in chat.


  • Clifford commented on Fork's Wiki Find blog.
  • Fork responded,"Well HP FTW! Cool :-D."
  • On the Quinn page, they said he was a girl.
  • Fork asked what would Clifford name his pet shark.
  • Clifford responded and said they should interact more.
  • Clifford commented on Fork's Create Your Own Character On Victorious blog saying his character's a male Rachel.
  • Fork said his character is 'nice'.
  • Clifford asked Fork if they could have a page on the LOL.
  • She didn't respond.
  • Clifford told Jaeda and Gareema his crushes in chat, and Fork was one of them.
  • Clifford fixed edited Fork's signature.
  • Clifford replied to Mini on what's NeneG's blog about, then Fork replied,"^ What he said."
  • Fork asked him,"Tiger or a lion?"



  • They both love Glee.
  • They both like Harry Potter.
  • Clifford often comments on Fork's old blogs at random times.
  • Clifford is known to call his Wiki friends by their nickname or real name, but at times he calls her FO or Fork.
  • They are both in The Roar Family, The Cheese Family, and the The Meme Family