Shipped Users

Jaedaspop, Seggum and ForeverObssesed

Start of Relationship

October 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Best Friends, Tri-Pairing

ForeverGumPop is the tri-pairing of THE AWESOME ForeverObssesed (FO/Fork/Clarissa), Seggum (Seggy/Gum/Gummy/Gummeh), and Popsoup (Soup, Jaeda, Pop, Poppy).


  • The three of them are actually talking on Twitter right now.
  • The three of them are usually on chat at the same time and they usually break the chat partying.
  • The three of them are filled with rainbows and awesomeness.
  • They can all puke rainbows too. If they want to.
  • This replaced JaedaGleek is Jaeda's OTP.
  • They went on TC together BWHAHAHAHAHA.
  • They love Jaeda's laugh.
  • They think that Seggum has a cuuuuuuuute voice. She's just in denial like always.


  • They're girls <.<.
  • They talk to each other on Twitter.
  • They have code names for people on this wiki, MWAHAHAHA, those users will never know.
  • They're all L-E-G-E-N-D wait for it A-R-Y.
  • They all like Victorious >.<.
  • They know all know what one another looks like, except for Fork, no one knows what she looks like.
  • They know what the other one sounds like.
  • That's all for now the door is that way ------->
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