This is the pairing of Graceyn (FunnyGreenBunny, FGB), ForeverObssesed (Fork) and Seggum (Gummy). This pairing name is very original.



  • They had a conversation on twitter.
  • When they met on the chat, they all instantly liked each other except FO and Gummy
  • Gummy and FGB agreed that FO was their slave and then, FO got mad but she`s probably over that and knows that she is their slave.
  • They were, more than once, all on chat together AND ARE AWESOMESAUCE CHAT BUDDEHS...
  • FO was mean to FGB and Gummy and then they shot FO because she is evil.
  • They all agreed that FO was evil and such a meanie, but shortly after FO decided she wasn`t evil nor mean, how weird is that!?!?!?!
  • They often say *cool story bro* and have fights with each other but we all know they love each other and they will forever and ever...
  • They got on tinychat and heard each other`s voice (yes, they heard FO's voice! How cool is that!?)
  • This page was saved by FGB and FO and Gummy gladly thanked her. *cough
  • ZOMG, they all agreed this pairing was amazing and it always will be! ZOMG!
  • They are always seen on chat together, that`s right people that`s right.


  • They all ship Seddie I think
  • They all are girls.
  • They all know what the other sounds like..
  • All like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic I think too
  • They all watch Victorious.
  • ~All are on chat way too much.................................................
  • Oh, and by the way, they all are not human...