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FO, Nikz, and CCB

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Good friends

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ForeverNikzCat'sBack is the tri-pairing of a friendship between ForeverObssesed, NikzLovesJarlos and CuteCat'sBack. They all are very good friends.

Moments :3Edit

  • FO, Nikki and CCB all have Twitta, and they follow each otha obv.
  • They all have a secret place to chat on (it can't be said here... it's a secret... duhh...)
  • Nikki and CCB are FO's daughters. If FO ever sees this page and objects, she lyinnnnng, they are her daughters, and she starves them alot :3 STHU I have to take care of myself.
  • They all talk to each other frequently on the Victorious wiki.
  • They all give each other nicknames :3 Like, Nikki calls FO "FOOOOOOEWWW" and she calls CCB "Shanie" (cuz it's an abbreviation of her real name). CCB calls Nikki "Nikki-ma-sista!", and FO... FO or FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and so on..
  • They all obsess over stuff (for FO, it would make sense, since she's "ForeverObsessed?" Gettit? Okie then...) FO- obsessed with herself (probably), Nikki- Carlos from Big Time Rush :P and CCB- sweets/chocolate. YOU MEAN CANDY! <--- Yeah...speaking of which......gimme some!
  • When Nikki was in the hospital, FO and CCB both showed their concern and trended this on twitter along with others: #WeLoveYouNikki.
  • FO and Nikki like to play games. CCB always either runs, hides or retreats (but mostly retreats).She escapes to twiiter!!
  • Nikki and CCB both agree that FO should be a preacher or a therapist one day <3
  • CCB is sometimes paranoid that FO stalks her... I bet she does, .nothing to do I suppose, FO? How am I involved in this...should I stalk someone ?
  • They all enjoy wiki food. :P /go cookies and pie!/
  • CCB sometimes turns into a cannibal when, she's too hungry and eats either Nikki or FO first...(with some orange juice :D) O_O<----THAT!
  • FO and CCB fight about which shade of purple is better, Mulberry Purple or Normal Purple MULBERRY FTW! SHUSH UP ANY PURPLE, cuz they're all beautiful.You just jelly that Mulberry pwns normal purple :D How am I involved in this??
  • They are all awesomesauce :3
  • They looove CCB's voice, well FO does anyway. Seriously? wowwwww... HOW DO I GET OF THIS ANNOYING LIKE? I keep typing BUT IT AIN'T WORKING! Yusssh, I told you that, don't take that as a compliment.</s>OK What is going on here??O.o
  • They go on Tiny Chat alone ==Official chiz==

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