Forever Nikz is the friendship pairing of ForeverObssesed and NikzLovesJarlos. You can't handle our awesomeness, just sayin'.

Sydney and fox on tour by wolfluver9284-d4r01zc
General Information
Shipped Users ForeverObssesed and NikzLovesJarlos
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship Dogs and Cats,Best Friends or nut??that is the question O.O


  • They both Follow each other in twittaaa.
  • Both love eachother BERRY much, or do they? That is the question.Hussh you freak we do! BERRY MUCHO
  • Nikz calls FO, FOOEEWW for no reason. It's because she is crackas in da head.
  • Both like David Archuleta.C'mon he is a CUTIE
  • Both DM and tweet each other a lot.
  • FO helped Nikz when she was sick. She made her puuuke.It did helped BTW
  • FO made a "troll" apologize to Nikki.
  • FO said she was a Nikkinator.
  • Nikki better be a Foshizzler.yeah sure whatever that is......
  • They Both ship....SEDDIE! Seddie is da way to go bro.
  • They both forced eat other to make the page. Nikki lost, MWAHAHAHA.
  • Both Nikki and FO like Spanish stuff..
  • Like chocolaaaate.
  • They argueee about BTR and 1D. BTR wins all oh yush! O_O
  • They're both oh so lazy.
  • They're both girfs, since they last checked.
  • FO said that Nikki was purrrry, but she doesn't believe it.
  • Nikki scared FO when she was talking about her BTR blanket.
  • Both own a Blackberry
  • FOOOEWWW is Nikki's Mommy
  • Nikki is FO's older daughter (CCB being the younger one)
  • FO is the only person who has heard Nikki's voice
  • Nikki pranked FO on April Fools and she got her LMAO MWUAHAHAHAHHAHA
  • FO hoped Nikki will be fine when all the tornado chiz happened in her state
  • Nikki is FO's bra
  • FO is Nikki's big butt
  • FO thinks she knows Nikki when she cleary doesn't -____-
  • They still dm each other even after FO left -___-
  • Nikki cried when Fo left yeahsoemberasingright getoverit
  • FO went on chat today just for Nikki ^_^
  • I LOVE YOU <333333333333333

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Song-You're not alone by BTR