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... 100 B.C?

Gareeni is the pairing of Gareema (MLH) and Deni (Avianabat), Garee/ma + De/ni. They are very good friends, and they often chat on the Victorious wiki chat.


  • On Tiny Chat, Deni told MLH that her laugh was cute.
  • Also her singing.
  • MLH said that Deni was pretty.
  • Deni shouted "Gareema, MLH..." for several minutes.
  • MLH was concerned about Deni's health.
  • MLH "Awwed" about several things Deni said.
  • Deni told MLH about a topic that we can't say here xP
  • They had an argument asking who would do a userbox and who would look for a pic for the pairing.
  • They had an epic /lala/ battle. Not lala, but they filled the lala with whatever. Obviously MLH is writing this cuz she loves singing and saying lala. :P


  • They both go on Tiny Chat often.
  • They both love Zelda.
  • They both love Cabbie.
    2012-04-01 17.41.50
  • MLH knows how Deni looks like.
  • Deni thinks MLH is Victoria Justice.
  • They both have black hair.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They both love hoodies.
  • They both are ultimate Directioners and hate Directionators. Yes, there is a difference.
  • They both love One Direction pairing - Ziam - die hard.
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