Gemily is the pairing of Nirenberge213 (E/mily) and G/raceyn. They are best friends.


Emily (left) and Vic (right)


  • Graceyn left a message on Emily's talk page because she really wanted to be friends


    with Emily.
  • Emily called Graceyn a sweetheart.
  • They became besties in an instant (like, 3 seconds).
  • Both of them are very awesome people.
  • Graceyn went on the Victorious User Relationships chat just because Emily came on. (And also MLH, but this is Gemily's page, not Garace's).
  • Graceyn said Emily was one of her newest but awesomest friends. This is very true.


  • Both of them love Ariana.
  • Both of them dance.
  • Both consider each other friends.
  • Emily is a user that Graceyn admires.
  • Both of them consider each other complete sweethearts.
  • Graceyn plans on coming up with a nickname for Emily.

    Ari (Grace) and Alexa (Emily) are also besties like this pair.

Pairings Similar to ThisEdit

  • Anari (Ariana Grande/Ariana Grande) is very similar, and Variana (Victoria Justice/Ariana Grande) is also very similar.
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    Graceyn (right) and Emily (left)

Official SongEdit

  • Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande because both of them love Ariana Grande so much, and she is their role model.
Ariana Grande 004