Fabson Gleni

Shipped Users

Gleek62442 and Avianabat

Start of Relationship

October 20, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Best Friends

Gleni is the pairing between Gleek62442 and Denise (Gl/eek62442 and D/eni/se). They are best friends.


  • Clifford described Denise as "as a blob of some fuzzy brown thing with eyes...."
  • Clifford ask Denise to be friends and she said yes.
  • Denise told Clifford he looked cute on a photo.
  • Denise was the 18th person to sign to get Clifford back to the Wikia.
  • They went on chat at the EXACT same time on January 23, 2011.
  • Clifford kept copying and pasting Deni's sex comments on chat.


  • They both love Glee.
  • They both ship Fabson and Klaine from Glee.
  • They both ship Cabbie.
  • They both love Robbie.
  • Both hate homophobes.
  • Avianabat has a severe case of Glifford fever.
  • Fate ships them.