Cyber Sistahs♥

Shipped users:

Grace and Carlaay

Type of ship:


Ship Status:

Cyber Twins! ♥

Start date of relationship:

November 22, 2011

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Vic (left) and Carlaay (right)

This is the page for the pairing of Straight/ACarlaay and Grace/yn.

(This pairing could also be called VicACarlaay because Graceyn's pen name she uses on here is Vic/toria. Carlaay also likes to call it Graay.)

Carlaay and Vic are friends good friends besties cyber-sisters cyber-twins. They (used to) hang out often on chat as well.


  • Shortly after they first met, Carlaay told Grace she loved her.
  • They both are very, very sad when the other leaves chat.
  • They have a lot, and I repeat a LOT of things in common. o_O Like so much, it's creepy.
  • They chat frequently.
  • Carlaay was the first person on Grace's "Who Grace Loves" List.
  • Both of them corrected ForeverObssesed's grammar on the same chat.
  • They had a discussion about horses on each other's talk pages.
  • Grace said Carlaay was one of the nicest users ever.
  • Carlaay was the first person to have a talk page discussion with Vic.
  • Carlaay said that Carlaay should have won 1st place friendliest user on the iCarly Wiki Awards. (She came in 3rd.)
  • Grace was about to leave chat, but came back after Carlaay came on.
  • They had a discussion about the Canterwood Crest book series on each other's talk pages.
  • Grace said she wanted an orange cow, so Carlaay found a random Googled picture of an orange cow and "gave" it to Grace.
  • They talked about how hilariously bad LMFAO is.
  • Grace gave Carlaay the nickname Staar because she thinks Carlaay is a star.
  • Grace said that Staar is like her cyber-twin and Staar agreed.
  • Staar and Grace always compliment each other. <3
  • They always have so much fun together!
  • After Staar said her profile on the Victorious wiki was boring, which it is don't deny it, Grace disagreed and said that another user's is more boring. *cough*SEGGUM*cough
  • They both always support each other.
  • They both gave each other Christmas gifts.
  • Grace said Staar was the most darling girl ever.
  • They have obsessed over horses before together.


  • They both love horses.
  • Most of Grace's talk page is from Carlaay.
  • Carlaay is Grace's personal advisor.
  • Grace always goes to Carlaay for advice.
  • They are cyber-twins because of reasons Grace can't really tell you about due to privacy issues, but also due to freakily same interests.
  • Carlaay is one of the very few people who know Grace's real name.
  • Vic considers Grace as one of her closest wiki friends. <That makes no sense.
  • They both love the Canterwood Crest book series.
  • They both love Victorious and iCarly.
  • They both like utilizing the "Special Characters" on their Apple computers.
  • Both watch The Sound of Music on Christmas.
  • Both users love the movie Matilda.
  • Both correct grammar.
  • Both are nerds. :p
  • Both love this pairing.
  • They agree on how much they have in common.
  • Carlaay has seen a photo of Grace!

Ships Similar to ThisEdit


♥ ♡ ♥

*Elitoria (Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice). Also, Eliana (Liz Gillies & Ariana Grande) is similar.

Official AnimalEdit

  • Horse, because they both love horses and are passionate riders.

Official PlaceEdit

  • Any horse riding stable, because they are both avid riders.

Official Book SeriesEdit

    Canterwood Crest, because they both love those books very much.


Official SportEdit

  • Horseback riding, because they both ride and love it. They are also two of the best riders ever.

Official MoviesEdit

  • The Sound of Music. They both watch it with their families on Christmas, and Matilda.