GummyGreenBunny is the pairing of Seggum (Gummy) and Graceyn (Funny/GreenBunny). They are very best friends and Gummy is FunnyGreenBunny's mom.


  • When FunnyGreenBunny found out Gummy was her mom, she was overjoyed!
  • Gummy gave FunnyGreenBunny the nickname FunnyGreenBunny.
  • When they first met, Gummy gave FunnyGreenBunny a pervy greeting, but they later, on chat, became friends.
  • FunnyGreenBunny loves her nickname and could not ask for a better one.
  • Bunny, Gummy, and a few other people were playing 'The Next Person' and Bunny said 'the next person loves me'. Gummy was the next person to type under Bunny.
  • Gummy calls Graceyn FunnyGreenBunny, FGB, or Bunny.
  • FunnyGreenBunny was the very first nickname Bunny had.
  • Bunny agreed that Gummy was a pervert, but she still loves her dearly.
    Tumblr lem892sAmZ1qe6nuzo1 500

    Bunny (left) and Gummy (left) <3

  • Gummy and Bunny both really wanted this pairing, but Gummy was too lazy, so Bunny had to make it.
  • Bunny thinks that Gummy's profile is the most boring profile on earth.
  • Bunny said, that no matter what, Gummy would always be her mom.
  • They both agreed that this is the best pairing name ever.
  • They also agree that this is the most yummy pairing name ever.
  • Bunny included Gummy on her friends list. (Gummy doesn't have one because she's too lazy)
  • Gummy said that Bunny was very sweet.
  • Whenever they see each other on chat, Bunny does this - GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY and then people tell her to go spam somewhere else.
  • They both agreed that they would never leave each other alone.
  • Bunny really loves Gummy's signature.
  • Bunny loves irritating Gummy by saying that Beggum is true love.
  • Bunny is the biggest shipper of Beggum ever. She will never give up on this ship.
  • They once got on tinychat together along with BadeFanForever and ForeverObssesed.
  • Bunny thinks that Gummy is the most lazy person ever.
  • They often tease each other as a joke.
  • They both irritate each other with ships they hate. Bunny irritates Gummy with Beggum, and Gummy irritates Bunny with Vilotoria ew. not ew at all.
  • They are chat buddies and always have fun together on chat!
  • When Bunny and ForeverObssesed were having a battle of who won when correcting Jaedaspop's grammar, Gummy jumped in, said that FunnyGreenBunny won, and that was that. <3
  • Gummy knows about FunnyGreenBunny's personal life.
  • Gummy said that FunnyGreenBunny's voice is insanely cute <3


  • They both love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. heck yeah!
  • Gummy is the only person that Bunny doesn't correct if they use the wrong grammar.
  • They both are on TEAM LILO!
    Victoria justice victoria justice and ariana grande HiRYeET

    Gummy (left) and Gummy (right)

  • They both ship Seddie on iCarly, but Bunny doesn't really like Seddie nor Creddie.
  • They are both amazing.
  • They PM each other on chat a lot, and Bunny was the first person to PM Gummy a lot on chat.
  • They tease each other a lot, but they love each other dearly.
  • Bunny has absolutely no idea what Gummy ships on Victorious.
  • Bunny thinks that Gummy's nickname is delicious.
  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • They both ship this hardcore <3
  • They have a lot more moments, but Bunny and Gummy are too lazy to add them.
  • Both of their nicknames (Bunny and Gummy) are spelled like this - consonant, u, double consonant, y.

    Bunny and Gummy. Peace.

  • Bunny calls Gummy "Mommy Weggy".
  • Gummy is the best mom Bunny could ask for <3
  • They are both extremely cheese and they will be forever and ever.
  • Their relationship is love/love and they are best friends, sisters, and parent and child - all at the same time! Aren't they amazing?
  • They both know how eachother sounds like.

Ships Similar to ThisEdit

  • Variana (Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande), except way closer.

Official FoodEdit

  • Gummy bears, because Gummy's nickname is Gummy, obviously.

Official AnimalEdit

  • Bunnies, because Graceyn's nicknames from Gummy are Bunny and FunnyGreenBunny.