HomeBird is the usership pairing of Songbird341 and SunriseHorseForever. The name comes from their nicknames, Home Slice/Joey Bird. They are very good friends.


Shipped Users:

Songbird341 and SunriseHorseForever



Type of Ship:


Start Date of Ship:

Who could say?


  • They first met on the Victorious Wiki, when Home Slice was known as Graceyn.
  • They chat very often, and are good friends


  • Sunrise read Songbird341's profile on, and upon learning her name was Joanna, gave her the nickname Joey Bird.
  • Joey Bird used to call Sunrise "Gracey", but when she changed her username, started calling her Home Slice or Sundae.
  • They both like Country music, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.
  • They both ship Tandré.
  • They both enjoy Dance, Horses, Writing and Reading Books.
  • They both like Victorious and iCarly.
  • Joey Bird often jokes with Home Slice by calling her an English teacher, as she often corrects typos during chat.
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