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ummm.. idk XD

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IamCaylo is an awesome pairing between two besties named IamJaylo and Cait.


Moments Edit

  • When IamJaylo and Cait first met, Cait said "Hiya there! =D I have been seeing you around the wiki and you seem really nice =) Do you wanna be friends? Also, you can call me Cait =D <3333333" and IamJaylo replyed "sure, you seem very sweet! love your avatar BTW! jackie/eric for life! wait, im off topic... sorry, what was i saying?anyways, yes, i would LOVE to be your friend, cait! you are very nice! f you ever want to talk about something, you know my talk page!"
  • After that, Cait replyed again with "Awwww thanks <3 And YAY! And OMG you are a That 70's show fan /dies/ So, anything new? =)" and IamJaylo replyed "well, i have an assessment on guitar next week. we have to play Botany Bay (you probably have no clue what im talking about!). um, pretty pink 123 made like a profile box thing on my profile page. duh, it has the word profile in it, you weirdo. and, um, the guy i like likes me back, but he'll probably ask me out on monday, since its the weekend. curse you, weekend!. so, what about you? anything you want to talk about?
  • Cait and IamJaylo both love That 70's Show
  • Cait and IamJaylo both regularly use LOLZAPALOOZA when on chat
  • Cait loved the edit by Jaylo on this page XDD
  • Cait gave advice to Jaylo! =D
  • Jaylo and Cait say they love each other
  • They are sisters ;)
  • IamJaylo congratulated Cait for being the user of the month on the Victorious wiki