General Information
Shipped Users IamJaylo and ForeverObbssesed
Ship status Besties, I think? You wish.
Type of Ship The weird kind.
Start of Relationship When FO called meh July my birthday is in, December.

IamForeverJayloObsessed is the awesome, agreeable, congenial, favorable, good, grateful, gratifying, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, satisfying, becoming, befitting, comely, comme il faut, correct, decent, decorous, de rigueur, proper, respectable, right, seemly, chaste, decent, modest, pure pairing of Jaylo and FO.


  • FO told Jaylo that Patlo was a girl by spamming the chat.
  • FO kept telling Jaylo that her dog was invisible, but Jaylo thought the dog was real.
  • FO gave Jaylo the nickname July, which is weird because Jaylo's birthday is in December...
  • They both *high 5'd* I think..
  • FO stared at Jaylo, no wait now I sound like a pedo.
  • Jaylo's one of the people, FO didn't actually scare away as a newbie.
  • FO knows that Jaylo likes Taylor Swift. YEAH, THAT'S A MOMENT, it shows that FO actually listened.
  • FO knows that she's, Australiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.
  • Uhhh, they follow each other on Twitta.
  • FO is one of the reason Jay created a Twitter.
  • FO said that she'll come up with a new nickname for J. (Like FO's actually gonna do that, yeah rite.)
  • HOW ABOUT JAY-Z? xD. Jaylo disapproves (mainly cause she is married to Kelsi, not Beyonce)
  • Jaylo threatened to kill FO
  • FO shot Jaylo with an 'undogable gun' (yeah, FO is a GREAT speller) but Jaylo dodged it anyays, cause shes INVINCIBLE!


  • They are both girls.
  • They are both weird.
  • They are both awesomesauce.
  • They are both not boys.
  • They are both not animals.
  • They are both humans, as far as it concerns you.