Shipped Users

IamJaylo and Jaedaspop

Start of Ship

like... forever! x]

Type of Ship

the best friendship EVER!

IamJaeda is a friendship pairing between IamJaylo and Popsoup.

Moments Edit

  • on time Jaylo came on chat, she started singing "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift. Jaeda started singing it too.
  • When Jaylo found out that Jaeda comes from the Phillipines, she was very excited.
  • When Jaeda gave Jaylo a preview of her story, Jaylo really liked it, and keeps pressuring Jaeda to finish it
  • When Jaylo was suspicious about someone on chat and PM'ed Jaeda (cause she's a chat mod), Jaeda said "Imma keep an eye out then! :)" and Jaylo said "good XD"


  • They both are Filipino (Jaylo is half though)
  • they both love "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift
  • they both love singing on chat
  • They both love each other
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