General Information
Shipped Users IamJaylo and Keove
Ship status Mum and Daughter
Type of Ship Family Ship
Start of Relationship When Jaylo made Keove...

IamJeove is the mum/daughter relationship between Jaylo and Keove.


  • Jaylo said on chat she hadn't seen oreo(Keove in disguise) for a while, and Keove said something like "ITS ME, OREO!"
  • Jaylo said she didnt want her child to get hurt making this page.
  • Jaylo told Keove she was half filipino after Keove said she was from the Phillipines.
  • Jaylo told Keove to get a job.
  • When Jaylo told Keove to watch out, Keove said "Yes mom."
  • When Oreo showed a pic of herself to Jaylo, she said she looked "cute."
  • And while Jaylo showed her pic, Oreo said she looks "pretty."


  • they are both girls
  • they are both not boys
  • they are both awesome
  • they are both filipino(Jaylo is half)
  • they are both stupid. :) LOL only Jaylo is stupid. And Keove was so not here.