Shipped Users:

IamJaylo and Minithepeanut

Start of ship date:

ummm... maybe like, at birth? jk.

Type of ship:

the awesomesauce kind! :)

Iamthepeanut is the newly engaged pairing of IamJaylo and Minithepeanut.

Moments Edit

  • Jaylo insisted that Mini check out Home and Away
  • Mini gave Jaylo the nickname Scar, because her favourite character from Cluedo is Scarlette
  • Mini asked Jaylo to marry her

Trivia Edit

  • they are both AUSSIES!
  • they are both awesome!
  • they are both too cool!
  • they are both girls
  • JayloThePeanutOrWhateva

    Jaylo says she wuvs Mini.

    they are both not boys
  • they both know what school each other goes to not stalkerish
  • they both know what each other look like hello? we're married!
  • they both are funny
  • they are both pretty we know you're jelly of us...
  • they both watch ringer
  • they both are humans
  • they are both not robots
  • they are both not aliens
  • they are both on the same side of australia
  • they are both part of this ship XD



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