Jambcat is the 7-way pairing between Jules, Ari, Mori, Blaze, Caty, Ally, and Thuc. This pairing has it's own wiki: Jambcat Wiki.

List of Two-Way Friendship Pairings:

Jari (Jules, Ari)

Jori (Jules, Mori)

Jaze (Jules, Blaze)

Jaty (Jules, Caty)

Jally (Jules, Ally)

Thules (Jules, Thuc)

Mari (Ari, Mori)

Blari (Ari, Blaze)

Caraty (Ari, Caty)

Alari (Ari, Ally)

Thari (Ari, Thuc)

Maze (Mori, Blaze)

Maty (Mori, Caty)

Mally (Mori, Ally)

Thori (Mori, Thuc)

Cally (Caty, Ally)

Thaty (Caty, Thuc)

Thally (Ally, Thuc)