We met on the Cabbie page ♥

Shipped Users

Cabbiefan101 and Jjmags1611

Start Date of Ship

February 2012

Ship Status

Best fwends

Jara is the pairing of Jjmags1611(Jess) and Cabbiefan101 (Cara)(Jess/Cara)


  • Jess was the first to welcome Cara to the Wiki when she joined.
  • Cara and Jess are friends on Facebook and Skype.
  • They trust each other with their last names.
  • They both ship Cabbie with a burning passion.
  • Cara asked Jess to help her with chemistry once, but Jess was unable to help because she hates chemistry as much as Cara does xD.
  • Jess and Cara both miss each other whenever Jess takes a 8934 million day because she is so freakin busy.
  • Cara and Jess faved and read each other's stories on Fanfiction.
  • Jess and Cara always PM on chat whenever they're both on chat. 
  • Cara messages Jess saying that she misses her or loves her.
  • They hug. A lot. 
  • They both love Victorious YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED :OOOO
  • They comment on most of each other's blogs.
  • They had the same avatar twice. 
  • Jess calms Cara down whenever she is freaking out about something and vice versa.
  • Both Jess and Cara have had difficulties in their lives but they have both been able to overcome those differences and help others. (OMG SO CORNY hahaha- jk, it's true though)
  • Jess and Cara are some of the most frequent commenters on the Cabbie page.
  • Despite the age difference, they have a lot of common ground, which gives them the ability to talk to each other about almost anything.