Shipped Users

IamJaylo and BoriLovah

Start Of Ship

sometime on the VJ wiki

Type Of Ship

the kind of ship that needs to be served with fries to be fully enjoyed ;)

JayloLovah is the friendship pairing between IamJaylo and BoriLovah.


  • on the VJ wiki, Jaylo asked Sweetie(Jaylo's nickyname for BoriLovah) if they could be friends, and sweetie said yes.
  • on Victorious chat, Jaylo said she liked Bori, and Sweetie said she did too


  • they are both girls
  • they are both not boys
  • they both like bori, but Jaylo likes them as friends
  • they were both admins on the VJ wiki, but Sweetie asked if she could be demoted
  • they both ship cabbie (i think)