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KatyKat20 and HeyPeople145

Start Date of Ship

November 4, 2011

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KatyPeople is the friendship pairing of KatyKat20 (Nikki) and HeyPeople145 (Adidas) (Katy/Kat20 and Hey/People/145). They are good friends and reply to each other on blogs.

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • When it was Adidas' birthday, Nikki was nice enough to remember her birthday and leave a message on her talk page that said "OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Wasn't that sweet of Nikki to do that?
  • Once Adidas asked Nikki how to make her siganture all fancy. Nikki gave her the code but Adidas failed.
  • Adidas left Nikki a Happy Birthday message on her talk page. And was quite mean.
  • Both were surprised at how someone could ever think that Justin Bieber was better than The Beatles


  • They both like Eminem and think he's the only good rapper.
  • They're both Christian.
  • They both think Adele is an amazing singer.
  • Both love Classic Rock
  • They both LOVE The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones.
  • When they talk, they always act like they are 5 years-old. Look at Off-Topic Blogs for proof.