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October 2011

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LeoCc71 is the pairing of Mrs.leohoward and Cc71 (Mrs.leohoward & Cc71). They are best friends.

Shipping MomentsEdit

  • Cc71 congratulated Mrs.leohoward on becoming a Victorious admin, starting their friendship.
  • Cc71 reviewed Mrs.leohoward's Cabbie fanfic and said she loved it.
  • They always are talking on each other's talk pages.
  • Cc71 has helped MLH go through "problems."
  • MLH says she loves Cc71 very much.
  • MLH usually calls Cc71 Cc.
  • When MLH asked Cc who her internet bestie was, she said MLH was one of them.
  • When Cc asked MLH who her internet bestie was, Cc was one of them.
  • Cc decided to stay on chat even when she needed to do homework just for MLH.
  • MLH asked Cc for help coming up with names for African stores (don't ask).
  • Cc complimented MLH's signature "Single bells, single bells, single all the way" and wrote a little expansion of it to parody jingle bells. MLH thought it was funny.
  • They are having a little war in the comments over the use of the phrase "like ever."
  • Cc helped MLH come up with an idea for an update for her audition for Jade.
  • Cc helped MLH recover the Trivia on her profile.
  • MLH always spams the chat with C's when Cc enters. (not really appropriate for an administrator to do, but oh well. Cc feels da love. ;P)
  • Cc wants to see a picture of MLH and feels sad that she showed herself to other people but not her xD
  • MLH missed Cc's old collaged profile pic when she changed it and was happy when Cc changed it back.
  • Cc finally saw MLH on TC and thought she was cute ;]
  • Cc thinks MLH is persistent...mostly in a good way.
  • MLH knew the guest on TC was Cc even though Cc put her name as "sup."


  • This is Cc's first pairing <333
  • Prior to creating this page, they had a discussion about what to call their user-ship. Suggestions included: Ccoward. But only MLH is a coward, so that doesn't apply JK<333333333
  • They both love Victoria Justice and think she's very pretty.
  • Both like Liz Gillies and thinks she's an amazing singer.
  • On Mrs.leohoward's Victorious profile, she considers Cc71 her "personal modivator."
  • MLH is Cc71's aunt in the Roar Family.
  • They both like Cabbie. and Bori. and Jandre. Or maybe this is because Cc ships like everything...
  • They both are deeply in love with peppermint.
  • They both have A LOT of homework.
  • They are both girls.
  • They're both in Mini the Pirate's Crew of the Wikid.
  • They're both in The Sisterhood.
  • They're both in The Cheese Family.


Code: LeoCc71

LeoCc71 This user knows Cc is the key to MLH's lock. <33333

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