Lilois Canon


Lilo is the canon pairing of L/iz and V/ilo.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Lilo is a pairing in which both of the people involved are in denial of their OMG!true love.


  • They are canon. Don't listen to them if they say otherwise.
  • Liz constantly denies the canon-ness of this relationship, so that means it is even more canon.
  • When Lilo is mentioned, Vilo usually responds with "xD" meaning he is happy with the idea.
  • Liz made Vilo a Christmas present.
  • Liz said, continuously and in italics, that Vilo's voice was "fine"
  • Liz and Vilo secretly trolled together at the TVF.
  • Vilo called EST, LizTime.
  • Vilo said he loves Liz's craziness. (And Ciria's but no one cares about Cilo)
  • Vilo wanted to make Liz "Aww"
  • Liz has said that Vilo is her BGF.
  • Liz continues to edit the "Lilo is Canon" sign, obviously a sign that maybe their love was supposed to be a secret. A dirty little secret.
  • Graceyn went on about how Liz and Vilo love each other and all that jazz. Both of them didn't get irritated at all.
  • Grace & Ciria are this couples' number one fans.
  • Vilo wrote an angst-oneshot-candré-fanfic for Liz as a christmas present.
  • Liz asked Vilo to help her out with her school project by finding pictures of Persian, Chinese, Indian, and Greek people. He said sure and did help her out. Liz virtually hugged him for doing this.
Lilosea This user knows Lilo is true freakin' love <3!

Liz is in denial of OMG!LOVE

Official CrapEdit

  • Official Place: Truly Victorious Forum - this is where they met.
  • Official Song: Kiss With A Fist by Florence And The Machine. Another song is Who's That Boy? by Demi Lovato.

Screen Caps of LoveEdit