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InsaneBlueberry and Cc71

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LizCc is the pairing of InsaneBlueberry and Cc71 (Liz and Cc/71). The two are great friends and care for each other a lot.


  • Cc and Liz first met on this wiki! But Liz probably forgot Cc until she saw Cc's xmas gift
  • Cc made Liz a Christmas Present and Liz loved it a lot and thanked her as soon as she could.
  • Cc asked Liz if they could be friends because she was stalking reading Liz's profile.
  • Liz replied to her request saying that she'd love to be friends because Cc seemed like a really nice person.
  • Cc wished Liz a happy Thanksgiving. Liz then told her how her Thanksgiving went and Cc replied saying that hers wasn't anywhere near as exciting as that.
  • Cc felt sad that Liz left the Victorious Wiki.
  • Liz made recordings to shout-out to people and Cc was randomly chosen twice! Cuz Cc has mad skillz like that.
  • They late-night chatted a couple times.
  • Cc thought this singer person was Liz and felt embarrassed xDDD
  • Apparently they were both fail enough to think SMH meant "Suck my hand" the first time they heard it.


  • They both ship Bade and Candre from Victorious.
  • They're both chat mods on Victorious Wiki!
  • Liz's nickname for Cc is LOLCARROT because she came up with Carrot, lord knows how, and Cc said LOLCARROT? in response.
  • Cc gave Liz the nickname BLUB. Don't ask =P
  • They're both in The Sisterhood.