Shipped Users

Minithepeanut, Luna-daughter of Artemis

Start Date of Ship

10th of October, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Miniluna is the pairing of Minithepeanut and Luna-daughter of Artemis


  • They sent a bunch of messages to each other, including one about their favourite colours.
  • They follow each other on tumblr and have sent messages on there.
  • They were both talking on Victorious Chat.
  • Luna complimented Mini on her Minicat1010 page, saying it was really cute.
  • Luna said she had written two chapters of a Bade fanfic and Mini showed interest in reading it.


  • They both have tumblr and follow each other.
  • They both ship Bade, Tandre, Cabbie, Cade, Jori and Bori.
  • They both write fanfiction.
  • They are both Christian.
  • Their favourite characters are (in order) Jade, Cat and Beck.
  • They are sisters in The Roar Family.
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