Pinkie pie and rarity staring by shelltoontv-d32qil3
Just Like MLP!!

Shipped Users

Ms.Reference and Azulatatis

Start Date of Ship

November 19, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


It's the Friendship between Ms.Reference and Azulatatis they became friends on the victorious wikia chat and they both became to know better and now they usually can talk about anything and always talk in a really nice way to eachother :)

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • They became friends fast
  • They both like to play Truth or Dare
  • They can talk about anything with eachother
  • They always have a good time
  • They enjoy each others company
  • One time when playing Truth or Dare Ms. reference asked Azulatatis if she had ever gotton revenge an anyone.
  • On chat they were both trying to get Catxcrazy to stay on the wiki.