Ms. Caitcrazy
Us because we all love pugs <3

Shipped Users:

Ms. reference, Catxcrazy, and ♡KitKat♡

Start of Relationship:

December 3428 B.C.

Ship Status:


Type of Ship:

Cyber Sisters, Tri-Pairing

Ms. Caitcrazy is the tri-pairing of Ms. reference, Caitlin, and Catxcrazy. They all need to get rid of their accents. Looks like Gleek edited this part.


  • The girls make sure none of them get hurt xD
  • They all said they love each other more than one time.
  • Cait once said she loves to vent in the man whore wiki with Cxc and Ref.
  • Ref and Cait both made birthday presents for Cxc and Cxc said she loved them
  • Once Cxc told Cait (on FB) that they could gossip about Ref there. But she then said "Jk, I love Ref" to Cait.
  • On Ref's page under the tab "friends" she said "MS. CAITCRAZY FOREVER!"
  • This is one of Cait and Cxc's OTP's.
  • Ref said that this is her OTP.
  • Ref, Mutchele, and Cait are all the bestest bestest bestest friends ever.


  • They are all girls.
  • They all have hair.
  • They have a "small" obsession over Pugs.
  • They love each other.
  • They all love Victorious.
  • They love going on chat.
  • They all know what each other looks like except for Ref because she does not have a webby cammy xD
  • They all ship Gleekxcrazy ;)
  • They all leave chat at the same time xD
  • They love animals.
  • They are the same age. (For now...)
  • Their hangout place is the man whore wiki.
  • They all vent in the man whore wiki, because they trust each other.
  • They all trust each other.
  • They all heard Glee songs before.
  • They all have siblings and their siblings have accounts too.
  • They all went to prome together ♥
  • They are all dirty 
  • They love another gal named Cisco (ATN)
  • They are all lazy
  • They have so many other moments, but are too lazy to screen cap