Ms. Claidd
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General Information
Shipped Users Reffeh, Clifford, Caitlin, and That Odd Guy
Ship status It be neither because we're not fanon and canon is... creepy.
Type of Ship Bestieeees
Start of Relationship Back in the daay
Ms. Claidd is the Jesse St. Awe-tiousness pairing of Ms. reference, Clifford, Caitlin, and That Odd Guy. DUN.


  • They all love Glee.
  • They have stuff in common....
  • Cait, TOG and Reffy all think Clifford is adorable
  • They all agreed on the picture. isn't that right, Cliffy?!
  • They all have watched Victorious.
  • This is a brother-sister pairing consisting of two boys and two girls.
  • TOG is the Red Ranger, Cait is the Rink Ranger, Reffy is the Yellow Ranger, and Clifford is the Blue Ranger...
  • They all hate racism and homophobia's
  • They all think kittens are cute.
  • Clifford, Reffy and Cait all think SeddieBoriFinchel is the most awesome user ever.