Ms. Deni
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L and Light = Ms. and Deni

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Avianabat and Ms. Reference

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Best Friends

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Ms. Deni is the pairing of Denise and Ms. reference. (Ms./reference + Deni/se). They both are often on the Victorious wikia chat, chat a lot and are cyber-besties. They met on the Victorious wikia chat and instantly liked each other.


  • When Avianabat wanted to join The Cheese family, Ms. reference replied by saying, "I'll adopt you!!!!!"


  • They're both otaku's.
  • They know what an otaku is weird most people don't know what that is-.
  • They both love the band Queen.
  • They are in love with L from Death Note.
  • They both use XD a lot.
  • To celebrity crush of both users is Matt Bennett.
  • They met on chat.